Frequently Asked Questions

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What Are the Benefits of a Paid Subscription?

As a free-user you can access the following features:

- Process up to 1 document per day;
- Access to only 12 tools;
- Free articles;

With a subscription instead, you'll unlock these awesome features:

- Up to unlimited documents processed per day;
- Up to 10GB of storage;
- Premium articles;
- Pro features like OCR, high compression and so on;
- No ads;
- Priority customer support;

Can I Use this service for my company/business?

We offer team plans for businesses and organisations that need more than 1 license.

You can check out the benefits of our Professional and Premium plans by visiting our Price page.

Do You Offer a Free-Trial?

We do not offer free trials.

The reason being is that, sometimes, customers forget about their free-trial expiration.

For this reason, we don't offer free-trials. Though we offer a complete free account for which only your name and email are required.

Do I need a Payment Card for the free account?

Absolutely no.

No payment card is required if you register with the free account.

Which payment methods do you support?

We accept the following:

- Visa Debit;
- Mastercard Debit;
- Visa Prepaid;
- Mastercard Prepaid;
- Visa credit;
- Mastercard credit;
- American Express;

How do I change my password?

Once you are logged into, just got to the section: My Profile -> Password.

Eventually, without being logged in, you can you the 'forgot password' functionality. It's accessible in the login page.

What are your System Requirements?

We have very basic system requirements.

To run smoothly our tools, we recommend you to work with the following browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Explorer +10 and Safari.

If at any point would you experience issues within the download screen, we recommend you to set your browser to Incognito mode.

Why did I not receive the confirmation of my email address?

The confirmation email should be delivered to your email account immediately.

Although, sometimes it may take some time.

If after 30 minutes nothing makes it into your inbox, check your Spam/Trash Folder or shoot us an email.

Can I convert my scanned PDFs to an editable document?

Yes, sure!

To convert a scanned PDF to an editable or another editable format, it is required OCR (Optical Character Recognition), a system that converts non-selectable and scanned text to office documents.

Since our last release, it is possible to make Scanned PDF to Office conversions.

Why does my conversion take so long?

Unfortunately, this is not entirely in our hands.

Processing speed depends on many factors, so the time that will take you to get your files converted will depend as well on your own Internet connection speed, the size of the selected files and, mostly, on how busy our servers are.

I Forgot My Login Email

If you are not receiving the password reset email or do not remember your login email at all, please contact our support team.

Why Was My Payment Card Declined?

Please check if your card is one that we accept.

When a transaction is declined, it could be due to one of the following reasons:

- International purchase: Some payment card companies will block international transactions if you don't inform them before purchasing.

- You’ve reached your credit limit or there’s a hold on your card. Please check with your payment card provider for more information.

- The information you entered does not match your payment card records, e.g., change of address.

- Your card has expired.

How Does the Auto-Renewal Subscription Work?

Subscriptions will always auto-renew to prevent disruptions to your work.

If you have an annual subscription, we’ll send you a notification email 10 days before the renewal occurs.

You can turn off the auto-renewal at any time via the Account page.