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HDR File

High dynamic range (HDR) is a dynamic range higher than usual.

The term is often used in discussing display devices, photography, 3D rendering, and sound recording including digital imaging and digital audio production.

The term may apply to an analog or digitised signal, or to the means of recording, processing, and reproducing such signals.

High-dynamic-range imaging (HDRI) is the acquisition, creation, storage, distribution or display of images and videos that have a higher dynamic range than traditional images and videos.

This can be done with the HDR photography technique, with the use of cameras that natively have a high dynamic range or with computers (for example with the use of HDR rendering).

The resulting image can be saved in a traditional image and video format or in a high dynamic range format. It can also be used for traditional SDR displays or for HDR displays.

In photography and videography, high dynamic range (HDR) is a set of techniques used to increase the dynamic range of captured photos and videos. It typically consists of capturing multiple frames of the same scene but with different exposures and then combining them into one, resulting into a dynamic range higher than those of individually captured frames.

It includes the compositing and tone mapping of images to extend the dynamic range beyond the native capability of the capturing device.